Traveling Museum Presentations


Select up to three (3) presentation packages to customize
your school’s AAHMSNJ Traveling Museum experience.


Trials & Triumphs ― The Journey of a People

The AAHMSNJ has assembled a trove of memorabilia, rare photos and artifacts arranged in themed exhibits documenting 200 years of African American history and achievement


Presentation 1:  “I Have a Dream” [read more]
Presentation 2:  March on Washington [read more]
Presentation 3:  On the Battle Lines [read more]
Presentation 4:  Coretta Scott King [read more]
Presentation 5:  Freedom’s Pioneers [read more]
Presentation 6:  Great Athletes [read more]
Presentation 7:  A Legacy of Achievement [read more]
Presentation 8:  Great Women [read more]
Presentation 9:  The Genius of Madame
Washington [read more]

Presentation 10:  Great Monarchs of Africa [read more]
Presentation 11:  Slavery [read more]
Presentation 12:  Artistry of the Quilt [read more]
Presentation 13:  Malcolm X [read more]
Presentation 14:  Immortalized in Currency [read more]
Presentation 15:  “Black Jeopardy” [read more]
Presentation 16:  “Separate” No More [read more]
Presentation 17:  Symbols of Struggle [read more]
Presentation 18:  “First Lady” Rosa Parks [read more]

TITLE-PANEL School-DesegA Time for Change:
Civil Rights in New Jersey

It was the tumultuous ’60s, a decade of upheaval, when New Jersey played an important part in the struggle for African American equality. Its citizens fought for racial justice and against segregation in the South, marched on Washington with Martin Luther King Jr., stood up for voting rights during the 1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City and hosted the first Miss Black America pageant. Using words, images and rare film footage, “A Time for Change” tells the compelling story of an era that redefined a nation.


Black Mail: A Celebration of African American Stamps

The U.S. Post Office and Postal Service have played a special role in recognizing and popularizing the many and varied contributions of African American women and men throughout our history.

The stamps included in this exhibit in poster-size reproductions span the range of American social and political life, honoring leaders in business and industry, in science, medicine and technology, in culture and the arts, in sports, in academics and education, and in government and in human rights.

black-mail_duke-ellington-stamp black-mail_harriet-tubman-stamp black-mail_marian-anderson-stamp black-mail_w-e-b

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